Kärcher Stair cleaning machine BD 17/5 C

Compact, mains-operated scrubber with disc engineering for scrubbing, shampooing, polishing and crystallising various small areas such as steps or windowsills..

Kärcher Single-disc machine BDS 43/150 C Classic

The BDS 43/150 C Classic is a very robust single-disc machine for diverse floor cleaning applications. With maintenance-free planet carrier and powerful 1,500 watt motor.

Kärcher Scrubber drier BR 30/4 C Adv

The BR 30/4 C scrubber drier is light and compact – weighing only 12 kg, this highly innovative and powerful vacuum is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces from 20 to 200 m² as the perfect alternative to manual cleaning. 

Kärcher Scrubber drier BR 40/10 C I Adv

Economical, compact and versatile scrubber drier with 400 mm working width and 10 l tank volume. Quiet scrubbing and vacuuming are possible in both directions.

Kärcher Scrubber drier B 40 W Bp DOSE (disc)

Walk-behind scrubber dryer B 40 W Bp. Configuration example with infinitely variable traction drive, disc brush, 51 cm working width and maintenance-free battery with 115 Ah capacity.

Kärcher Scrubber drier BD 50/50 C Classic Bp

The BD 50/50 C Bp Classic is an affordable, compact entry-level model in the battery-powered scrubber drier class. The machine allows area performances of up to 2000 m²/h.

Kärcher Scrubber drier B 60 W

Walk-behind scrubber drier (60 l) with traction drive. Ideal for 1,000-2,500 m². Configuration example with disc brushes, 65 cm working width and battery (180 Ah).

Kärcher Scrubber drier BD 50/70 R Classic Bp

For an area performance of up to 2,000 m² per hour: the battery-operated BD 50/70 R Classic ride-on scrubber drier with disc brush. Batteries and charger must be ordered separately.

Kärcher Scrubber drier B 90 R Classic Bp

The B 90 R Classic Bp battery-powered ride-on scrubber dryer is compact, versatile, features an extended tank capacity and variable working widths (55, 65, 75 cm).

Kärcher Scrubber drier B 150 R Bp others

The batteries of our compact ride-on scrubber drier B 150 R are conveniently charged via an external battery charger. The machine is available as a roller or disc head version.

Kärcher Polishing machine BDP 50/1500 C

The BDP 50/1500 C ultra-high speed machine polishes shiny floors 30% faster than conventional high-speed machines.