HyFlex® 11-840

HyFlex ® 11-840



Extreme durability and superior fit for precision handling in abrasive applications


  • The tough 1.1 mm FORTIXTM nitrile foam coating offers outstanding abrasion performance, extending durability in light duty applications
  • The FORTIXTM coating is more breathable than earlier formulations, for cooler, drier
    hands and less sweat
  • Matching the natural contours of the hand, the snug, second-skin liner is tailored to
    create a more comfortable wearing experience: at the base of the little finger
    (added comfort), across the fingertips (superior tactility), and through the palm
    (greater dexterity)
  • With its balance of robust abrasion performance, enhanced comfort and high dexterity, the HyFlex® is an ideal solution for workers who move between tasks
  • Silicone-free material means no transfer of silicone contaminants to metal parts
    prior to painting

Remark: fit for special purpose 


■ Assembly of small and medium parts
■ Feeding the lines
■ Screwing and unscrewing
■ General handling
■ Raw materials reception