Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaners

Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaners

Kärcher High pressure washer HDS 6/14 C

1-phase hot water high-pressure cleaner HDS 6/14 C with eco!efficiency mode, EASY!Force trigger gun, as well as intuitive single-button operation.

Kärcher High pressure washer HDS 7/11-4 M

The HDS 7/11-4 M from Kärcher with electric motor, two cleaning agent tanks and service electronics is the ideal entry-level machine in the Middle class of hot water high-pressure cleaners.

Kärcher High pressure washer HDS 10/20-4 M

HDS 10/20-4 M – the most powerful 3-phase hot water high-pressure cleaner in the Kärcher middle class. With 4-pole, water-cooled electric motor, 2 cleaning agent tanks, service electronics.

Kärcher High pressure washer HDS 12/18-4 S

The powerful HDS 12/18-4 S hot water high-pressure cleaner offers a high flow rate and optimised burner engineering for economical operation.