Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaners

Kärcher Upright brush-type vacuum cleaner CV 66/2

The CV 66/2 upright brush-type vacuum cleaner is ideal for thorough and economical maintenance cleaning of medium-sized carpets. 

Kärcher Upright brush-type vacuum cleaner CV 60/2 RS Bp

Versatile step-on upright carpet vacuum. Ideal for use on fabric floor surfaces and hard surfaces. Charger and batteries are included in delivery.

Kärcher Air Blower AB 30 Classic

Very efficient, compact, long-lasting air blower AB 20 Ec for speeding up the drying of cleaned carpets by up to 50 per cent. 

Kärcher Carpet cleaner BRC 30/15 C

Compact carpet cleaner for fast and economical spray extraction cleaning of small areas; also ideal for spot and interim cleaning of carpets with I-Capsolation pre-spray.

Kärcher Spray-extraction cleaner Puzzi 10/1

Puzzi 10/1 with floor nozzle/upholstery nozzle for cleaning carpets and upholstery using spray extraction. Ideal for smaller areas. 

Kärcher Spray-extraction cleaner Puzzi 30/4

The Puzzi 30/4 spray extraction machine is the economical cleaning solution for large carpet surfaces and makes cleaning ergonomic, stress-free and quick.

Kärcher Spray-extraction cleaner PW 30/1

Power washing head PW 30/1 for attaching to our spray extraction cleaner Puzzi 10/2.