About Karcher

About Karcher


We love and live challenges – your challenges. Whether everyday or extraordinary cleaning projects, a courtyard entrance, factory hall or Mount Rushmore – at Kärcher we want to make your everyday life simpler, better and more pleasant with powerful, efficient cleaning solutions. And to help you achieve big results and move things forward. To create and receive value.

What drives us?

Our clear, simple innovation philosophy: innovation is what benefits people. We are perfectionists, always rethinking systems and designs. We have the courage to break new ground and the conviction to do things instead of just talking about them. This philosophy results in solutions with convincing performance, quality and handling that are one step ahead of the market. Because for us cleanliness is the best challenge in the world. This is what we work towards. Every day.





Whether everyday or extraordinary cleaning projects – whatever you’re planning, our products and services help you do the job simply, safely and with maximum quality.

Because when it comes to supporting people with their plans, we ask ourselves how can we make it easier for them to find their way forward? That’s what we continue our development for and constantly improve our performance, every day. We promote their qualities through our quality. Because cleanliness preserves value.

Discover the world of Kärcher.

How does a 50-metre truck fit in a vehicle wash system? How can the work of cleaning staff be made easier in one of the biggest train stations in the world? How can the quality of a premium wine be further improved? And how can dirt and impurities be removed from historic monuments without damaging their sensitive surface? We provide assistance in overcoming all these challenges.

Road Trains


For us there is no typical customer. Because people are just as diverse as their circumstances and thus their cleaning requirements. That’s why one thing remains paramount in everything we do: to offer you exactly what you need for your individual cleaning requirements.

We give you the necessary equipment – over 3,000 products. We talk to you – in over 700 Kärcher Centres. We are ready for action – always there when you need us. With over 50,000 sales and service outlets. In 70 countries and over 120 companies. And we give you the know-how and expertise that you need to achieve your goals – wherever we are in contact with you. Because we provide holistic support.

From ultra-high pressure to dry ice

Whether agriculture, the construction industry, the healthcare sector or facility management – every industry requires its own cleaning solution. For these individual requirements we offer modern cleaning technology. And provide the knowledge for successful implementation.

Alfred Irene Kaercher


To make sure that this remains so, we work constantly to develop new and existing cleaning solutions. Innovation is our passion, but never an end in itself. It follows from our clear conviction: innovation is what benefits people, makes your life easier, more efficient and more pleasant. All over the world. This has been our claim and our commitment since the company was founded in 1935.

Our founder Alfred Kärcher aimed to always find new solutions for every challenge. To this day we have maintained this spirit of innovation. Our over 1,000 employees in research and development worldwide work hard every day to develop new solutions. Because we don’t leave innovation to chance. The figures speak for themselves: 632 active patents and 110 new products in 2018 alone. What’s more, 90 percent of our machines sold are less than 5 years old.