95412 WYPALL® X70 Quarter Fold Wipers 90 sh / 8 packs

95412 WYPALL® X70 Quarter Fold Wipers 90 sh / 8 packs

SIZE :280mm x 350mm,1-ply


WYPALL® X70 Wipers are high performance, fast absorbing wiping cloths. They are strong and bulky, making them ideal for tough jobs, such as cleaning grills, ovens or machinery. WYPALL* X70 Wiping Cloths are durable and are produced in a HACCP certified facility. The cellulose component allows these wiping cloths to absorb water quickly and effectively, while the tear-resistant polypropylene fabric soaks up more than its own weight in oil and grease. They can be used for a specific task during an entire shift and then thrown away – helping keep bacteria at bay, which can accumulate when a cloth is left overnight.

Key applications include (but are not limited to):• Personal wiping • Wiping surfaces • Absorbing liquid spills • Absorbing oil and grease • Polishing glass, stainless steel and other metal • Cleaning sinks, grills, ovens and machinery • Preparing surfaces with solvents • Replacing tea towels or waste rag.

Availability :   Nationwide

Package Dimensions   

Quantity per Pack :   90 sheets per pack

Quantity per Case :   8 packs per case