29999 WypAll® L10 Essential Task Wipers FZP

29999 WypAll® L10 Essential Task Wipers FZP

SIZE :180mm x 280mm,1 ply


WypAll® Essential Task Wipers is the 1st Wiper in ASEAN with HACCP International FZP Certification1 – which means the item is suitable for use in the food zone and short term food contact.


Use with our HACCP International certified SSZ dispenser as a bundle solution with Food Safety in mind. The dispenser will protect the wipers from splash, reducing the risk of cross contamination and since it’s portable, will help you improves efficiency and reduces motion waste.

 It is also produced in a FSSC 22000 (Food Safety Management System Certificate certified facility where food safety is put in mind

     Proven strong when wet – reduce risk of wipers tearing and contaminating the food

 The Counter Top Dispenser is portable within arms reach, one sheet at a time dispensing improves efficiency, reduces consumption and material waste, and reduces motion required by food workers


Understand more about it’s application in Hotel Back of House & Food Services here.

1. Certified by HACCP International as food safe and suitable for short term food contact under Food Zone Primary (FZP) classification.

Availability :   Nationwide

Package Dimensions   

Quantity per Pack :   1070 sheets per Rolls

Quantity per Case :   6 rolls per case