28888 WYPALL®L10 Roll Control Wipers 1000s

28888 WYPALL®L10 Roll Control Wipers 1000s

SIZE :180mm x 280mm,1 ply


A breakthrough wiping technology with its innovative off-set perforated roll allows one hand dispensing, one sheet at a time thus ensuring hygiene and virtually eliminating waste. Wiper for multi-purpose used, e.g. hand drying, food preparation and surface wiping HACCP Certified 100% Recycle Fiber

– Help to reduce number of steps during food food preparation to enable speed of service especially for quick service restaurants.

– The single sheet-dispensing system is designed for users to touch only the wiper used, help reducing the spread of germs thus offering superior hygienic protection.

– Cost savings from one-at-a-time dispensing and less waste.
– Help to reduce usage of disinfectant solution.
– Efficiently sized for optimum use

Availability :   Nationwide

Package Dimensions   

Quantity per Pack :   1000 sheets per pack

Quantity per Case :   6 rolls per case