28646 KIMTECH™ Aviation Wipes Bucket (hydroknit) – solvents, degreaser

28646 KIMTECH™ Aviation Wipes Bucket (hydroknit)
solvents, degrease

SIZE :218.44mm x 234.95mm


Suitable for overall general cleaning and suitable for use with solvents. See the recommended applications that are suitable for the KIMTECH™ Aviation Wet Wipe System

  • Overall general cleaning
  • Post paint stripping wiping
  • Water rinse drying
  • Solvent wiping
  • Excess sealant removal
  • Oil, grease cleaning
  • Tool wiping

Key Features


  1. Independent bucket and wipe system, separate from solvent requirements.
  2. Innovative Bucket Technology:
    • Air-tight, sealed container with gasket
    • Screw on lid with snap-top cover and large lead-wipe reservoir
  3. More controlled dispensing and application of solvent versus bucket or decanter systems allowing for:
    • A measured amount of solvent poured in a closed container.
    • An entire wipe to be saturated with solvent.
  4. Write-on color-coded labels
  5. Wipe and solvent together in one package with a handle
  6. Durable and chemical resistant  construction makes the bucket reusable

Availability :   Nationwide

Package Dimensions   

Quantity per Pack :   4 buckets per case

Quantity per Case :   36 cases per pallet